Life is Messy. It’s Okay. You Are Not Alone.

Tea MeghanFeeling Stuck? Overwhelmed? Frustrated? Resentful? Confused? Ungrounded? Lost? Pulled in too many directions?

Facing challenges with your partner, children, family, finances, career, or health?

Relax. Reset. Revive. Time to Nurture YOU…

I’m Meghan Gilroyshamanic healer & transformational life + business coach, and (mostly) mindful mama based in the White Mountains of N. Conway, New Hampshire. I offer individual shamanic healing sessionsprivate shamanic retreats, girlfriend getaways and classesRead more…

Walk in the Woods“Your life is filled with so much gratitude,” another parent said to me at school drop off this morning. “I really enjoy reading your posts.”

I laughed. “Well,” I replied. “I write those posts to remind myself to be grateful.”

Heavens knows I’m not always grateful. Like all of us, I tie myself up in knots. I get annoyed when my day doesn’t go as planned. Or when a certain kiddo doesn’t listen. Or when I feel undervalued, tired or hungry. I get my panties all knotted up, as Jamie likes to say. Then have to remind myself how to untie them.

Years ago I used to think that being … Continue Reading

Kaleidoscope Eyes…

Tea eyesBodhi bounds into bed and at the sight of his awake sister, he sings a morning ditty. “It’s a Téa! It’s a Téa! The most wonderful thing in the world… the most wonderful thing in the world…”

I light up at the sight of my children delighting in each other. I marvel that just last night Bodhi wanted to “get rid of her” – expressing the normal frustration of now having to share his mom with another sibling.

Our happiness is so intertwined with our perspective, our point of view. As children, we don’t know that we have a choice on how we want to look at a … Continue Reading