The Life & Business You Want

When life is busy-to-the-max full – with home, marriage, children, work, bills, health, spirituality – we often feel pulled in many directions. “What about me?” and “Am I fulfilling my potential?” crops up, alongside the worry, judgment and frustration. Our negative internal talk then robs us of the energy we need to deeply take care of ourselves – so we can create what we really want in life.

I’m Meghan Gilroy, Modern Shaman and transformational life + business coach. I have a medicine bag full of practical and inspiring tools that will help you let go of the doubt, the limiting thoughts and blocked emotion, the old patterns so you can connect with your presence and purpose in life. And for healers, creatives or entrepreneurs, I can help you create a more successful business.

If you’re ready to figure out what you want in your relationship, business, health, finances or spirituality – and have a massive breakthrough, then let’s work together.

It’s time to tap into your inner knowing and gather the information you need on your journey for staying centered in the midst of your demanding life. Let’s shine!

The languid sounds of old school jazz float over the dinner table. Soft golden rays of light filter in the windows on this night that finally feels like the beginning of summer. The conversation at the table is lively as our older children, Nick and his girlfriend Erin, are visiting for the week.

Bodhi, our 7 year old, is gleefully tucking into the first, sweet, butter-slathered corn on the cob of the year when he bursts out, “Life is full of butter!” His enthusiasm is pure and is received with a hearty burst of laughter.

Life is full of butter.

Butter (at least before we all became so fat conscious) … Continue Reading

For a long time, I lived in a state of perpetual confusion.

I oscillated between:

“I can do it my self!!!!!” (Dammit!),

“I can do it myself.” (A gentler version of ‘I am woman, hear me roar.’),

“I can do it better than you,” (So don’t bother trying to help out.),

“I don’t need you!” (Fine! I’ll do it myself.)

I can’t do it all!” (Someone please take care of me.)

Indignation. Confidence. Self-importance. Righteousness. Victim. All of them danced within me and created what I experienced in the world around.

With these internal scripts blaring in my head, I would look at the characters in my life and … Continue Reading