Practical Spirituality for Your Everyday Life

Tea MeghanLife is Messy. It’s Okay. You Are Not Alone.

Feeling Stuck? Overwhelmed? Frustrated? Resentful? Confused? Ungrounded? Lost? Pulled in too many directions?

Facing challenges with your partner, children, family, finances, career, or health?

I’m Meghan Gilroyshamanic healer & transformational life + business coach, and (mostly) mindful mama based in N. Conway, New Hampshire. I offer:

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IMG_8833I have taken care of plenty in my life – two children plus a (step)son, multiple homes, clients, aging parents, classrooms of children, various pets including several dogs, mice, a bird, and a friend’s cat, the grocery list, fancy dinner parties, friends in need…

And yet I struggled with taking care of myself – until life became so demanding I had to make myself a priority to support and sustain all the people and projects in it.

Don’t get me wrong, I can be magnificent at splurging – a trip to the pyramids in Mexico? I’m there. A once-in-a-lifetime spa weekend with my best friend? In a heartbeat.

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bad mom dayI was on my best behavior that day. Really, I was.

I played with the baby on the rug for hours. (Okay, at least it seemed like hours.) I remembered to bring a snack in the car for after school pick up. (I don’t always remember food and hey, I’m not always on time.) And I kept my cool when I was pinched, scratched, yelled at, and called names. (Admittedly not always the case.)

I drew the line when I was bitten. Twice. Bambina got handed over to Papa on that one.

Then I was told that I wasn’t a “fun mom” (Gee really? Strange…)

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