Power*Filled Shamanic Tools for Everyday Life

This planet needs more fully shining women who live juicy, love fiercely, parent mindfully, and work purposefully – while wildly supporting each other.

We each have a unique, magnificent internal radiance… that sometimes gets a wee-bit tarnished and dimmed from limiting thoughts, blocked emotion, or our busy-to-the max lives. You are robbing yourself – and those around you – if you play small, stay stuck, or let the doubt demon and its friend fear rule your life.

It’s time shine, girlfriend! Let’s unearth your deep pleasure, passions, and purpose and amplify your inner light so that you create a powerful impact on your world.

I’m Meghan Gilroy and I’m a Shaman Girl + transformational life coach. I have a medicine bag bursting with insights, inspiration + tricks that will bring out your pleasure junkie, spark your heart happy, and breathe fire into your spirituality, relationships, career + finances. I boost your growth through practical power*filled tools so you can see yourself clearly and fully engage in a mind-boggling, heart-opening, breath-taking life.

I have mad skill at dancing between the everyday and the extraordinary. Together, we’ll gather the information you need for your journey to become a fully shining woman. If you’re ready for a breakthrough , then I have a program for you.

Dive in. Drop Deep. Get Your Glow On.

Welcome to the Tribe!

For a long time, I lived in a state of perpetual confusion.

I oscillated between:

“I can do it my self!!!!!” (Dammit!),

“I can do it myself.” (A gentler version of ‘I am woman, hear me roar.’),

“I can do it better than you,” (So don’t bother trying to help out.),

“I don’t need you!” (Fine! I’ll do it myself.)

I can’t do it all!” (Someone please take care of me.)

Indignation. Confidence. Self-importance. Righteousness. Victim. All of them danced within me and created what I experienced in the world around.

With these internal scripts blaring in my head, I would look at the characters in my life and … Continue Reading

When you hear the word “shaman” what do you picture?

Most of us, envision an ancient, esoteric medicine man (or woman) dancing or chanting around a fire.

For millennia, shamans were the healers and spiritual leaders in the tribe and who brought forth useful information from spiritual realms – where to plant the crops, which herb would best cure an illness, when the tribe should move to a new location.

A shaman is a healer who can bring messages from the spirit world and bring it back into the everyday world. Don’t we all have this ability? With practice and perhaps some silence, we can all go within, listen to … Continue Reading